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Classified advertisement or Classified is a type of text found in the media, whether newspapers, magazines or the Internet.

Classified ads are those short texts found in sales, exchanges, loans, rentals, among others.

They are called classified because they are divided into categories, that is, they are classified according to the proposed discursive intention.

Thus, classified ads have the following categories as their main communicative functions: jobs or opportunities, sale or rental of real estate, furniture, vehicles, services and objects in general.

In addition, people can use classified ads pages to look for a job or even to look for something. For example, the candidate presenting his skills, competences, training and experience, indicating the area and the desired salary.

The main intention is to expose what is intended, without neglecting persuasion, i.e. the intention to convince the reader. Therefore, they can be both expository, descriptive and argumentative texts. Note that classified ads use many adjectives to attract readers' attention.

The advertiser, i.e. the one who is willing to advertise something, usually pays an amount for his offer or demand to be transmitted in the intended media. However, there are classifieds in which they are free and people can advertise for a certain period of time, be it a week or a month.

With the boom of computerization, classified ads acquired another meaning, and took on a new impetus. It resulted in a mega expansion of the market and even the resource became free of charge. Not to mention the speed provided by the Internet.

This makes it more and more common that any of us can offer whatever we can think of, at no cost, to an infinite number of people and carry out transactions quickly. This great movement or commercial traffic also originated sites specially dedicated to show free classified ads.

Canada Craigslist

We give you the option to search for your classifieds in Canada Looking for a job? Trying to find a date? Looking for an apartment? Check our ads. Have a job to advertise? An apartment to rent?

About Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world (after Russia) but the 38th largest by population. As a result, much of its land area is virtually uninhabited, with the border area with the United States being the busiest. To give you an idea of how sparsely populated Canada is, it has about 12% of the population of its US neighbors: 38 million inhabitants VS 328 million.

It does not beat Russia for territory, but it does for coastline: Canada is the country with the most kilometers of coastline in the world, with a total of 240,000 km. Its coasts are also bathed by 3 different seas: the Arctic, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific.

Niagara Falls is one of the most touristic and photogenic places in the country. Did you know that the name Niagara has its origin in the word Onguiaagra, which means "roar of water"? Being there you really understand the choice of this name.

North America is not a land of castles… so why are there some chateaux in Canada that might as well be lost in France or Germany? The Canadian Pacific Railway is to blame… Between 1881 and 1885 the railway line was built to link, for the first time, both coasts of Canada, and to promote tourism it was decided to build hotels inspired by European castles. So in places like Quebec City or Banff you can still stay in hotels that are real castles.

The climate in Canada

From the cold polar climate to the temperate climate of the south of the country, there are several climatic zones in Canada. In general, summers are short but warm to hot. Winters, on the other hand, are long with persistent precipitation. In the north, near the Arctic, most areas are under continuous snow cover in winter and temperatures rarely exceed 10 °C even in summer. In Yukon (northwest), a record low of -63°C was recorded in 1947.

The west coast of the Pacific, on the other hand, has a maritime climate with daily highs of about 25°C. The eastern Atlantic coast has a maritime climate. On the east Atlantic coast, the climate is increasingly mild, although summers are also quite short.

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